True Love Lasts Forever...

They walk toward the little church

Where they were married many years ago

He gently squeezes her hand as he

Admires her pretty face all aglow.

The church has survived the years

Even the church yard looks the same

The old church bell is ready to ring

Like during their wedding it loudly rang.

They're walking so very slow

The old man isn't agile like before

His loving wife clings to his arm

With each step she clings a little more.

Their children are inside the church waiting

For Mom and Dad to renew their wedding vows

Approaching the door the old man suddenly turns

Towards his startled wife and politely bows.

True love is a forever lasting thing

Eventually both of you will walk through another door

No matter who takes this journey first

One day you'll be joined exactly like you were before.

True love lasts forever......

Ralph L. Clark © 2000

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