Birthdays Sure Come

And Go

I can't make up my mind what

I want for my birthday this year

But I hope my mama realizes

I'm too big for another teddy bear.

Maybe tonight she'll have time

To take me to a toy store

She knows this is my special day

I've reached the age of four.

Dad is out of town on business

He said he'd be back tonight

I'm watching for him right now

And hoping to see his headlights.

Grandma said she'd be over too

Maybe she won't pinch my cheek

I remember last time she did

It was sore for a good week.

Birthdays sure come and go

This one will be over soon

Oh boy! Daddy just drove up

He's bringing me some balloons.

Grandma came with my daddy so

I better run meet them at the door

Something tells me this birthday's

Gonna be better than any before.

Ralph L. Clark © 2000