Deep Inside Of My Heart

(This poem was written by my wife Nancy, this is the first poem she's ever written).

Those special times

Flowers are in bloom

Always bring to mind

Memories of my childhood

Joy and gloom.

I remember Mother's

Beautiful Marigolds

Framing the pathway

To where she sat

In her swing

Watching me play.

Smiling I can recall

Our Crepe Myrtle tree

With it's bark so smooth

Cradling me until

A lizard appeared

Sending me

Scurrying away

Sounding a loud shrill.

Closing my eyes

It's so easy to remember

Mother's Carnations

Dressed in White

Pink and Red.

Their beauty and

Memories of Mother

Will always live

Deep inside of my heart.

For many years

Mother has been tending

God's flowers

But the love she gave me

Will linger on in me

And mine through

Seeds now sewn.

Nancy Mathisen Clark © 10-08-2000

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