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Passing Time with Poems by Ralph,
What better way to spend your day,
Hopefully my poems will make you smile.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

Something I'd like to let you know
This is a FAMILY ORIENTED site.
What exactly does that mean?
No profanity, just words that are right.

They are words from my heart
Expressions of how I feel
Some may be make believe,
Most of them are real

Sit back and enjoy your visit,
I'm glad that you stopped in.
Feel free to come back anytime
I'll be happy to have you again

This is my newest poetry
(Click on the title to read each poem)

Poetry For 2006
Thinking About Him
And I Will
Do You Hear Me Now?
And Become All You Can
Right Or Wrong
Time Marches On
Life and Happiness
A Lasting Memory
For My Wife
In Time
A Dreamer's Dream
Leave God's Name Alone
The Power Of Love
His Love For Her
Our World
Time Moves On
The Past Is Gone
Tears In Her Eyes
The Secret Of Love
Tonight I Won't Be Alone
When I Think Of You

Poetry Written In 2005

Nancy, My Wife
A Christmas Memory
Good News! (A Short Story)
The Island (A Short Story)
Each Moment
The Past Is Gone
Or Could It Be
This Is What Thanksgiving Means To Me
Perk Up Right Now!
You're All Alone
Undying Love
Halloween Night
All I Can Do Is Try
Mother Love
Grandma's Scare Crow
Never Again
Above The River Shore
Maybe Tonight She Will Know
Step Out Into The World
Let's Do It!
Happy Father's Day Dad
Like I Know I Do
Seek Your Secret Place
Here Comes Grandpa Now!
Love Warms A Heart
Seek Your Talent
A New Beginning
A Pot Of Gold
Don't Wait Until Tomorrow
Happy Mother's Day
So Will You
Now Is The Time
Sometimes I Wonder
Our Wildlife Friends
Beyond The Veil
Far Above The Stars
My Melancholy Mood
I'll Always Love You
One Red Rose
God Would Smile
One Last Time
That's What Friends Are For
In Your Heart
Until They're Gone
My Only Queen
A Visit
Speak Up

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...
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